Interior Paint Finishes: Which Sheen is Right for You?

5 September, 2023

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When diving into the home design and decor world, paint plays a pivotal role in transforming the aesthetics and ambience of a room. While colour choices tend to capture the most attention, understanding paint finishes or sheens is equally vital. The gloss you choose can drastically alter the look and feel of your space, making your walls pop or giving them a subtle, understated elegance.

Breaking Down Paint Sheen

Simply put, paint sheen measures the amount of light the painted surface reflects. The glossier the finish, the more light it reflects, making the wall appear shinier. In contrast, a finish with a low sheen will absorb more light, resulting in a subdued, matte look.

Exploring Different Types of Paint Finishes

To best decide on a finish that aligns with the functional and aesthetic needs of your space, it's essential to familiarise yourself with the variety of interior paint finishes available:

  • Matte: Known for its lack of shine, matte, sometimes referred to as flat, is the go-to choice for those seeking a non-reflective finish. Its ability to conceal minor imperfections and blemishes makes it a favourite for living spaces like bedrooms and lounges with a desired soft, warm atmosphere.
  • Satin: A midpoint between the gloss and matte, satin offers a velvety sheen. Given its moderate reflectivity and easy-to-clean properties, it's often chosen for areas with regular footfall, such as corridors and children's playrooms.
  • Gloss: A highly reflective finish, gloss is robust and simple to clean. Gloss can amplify wall imperfections, best suited for areas prone to moisture or frequent touch, like kitchens and bathrooms, so a smooth wall surface is paramount.
  • Semi-Gloss & Eggshell: Falling between the primary categories, these finishes provide varied levels of shine, catering to those seeking a balance between matte and high-gloss.

Choosing the Perfect Sheen: What to Keep in Mind

While navigating the sea of interior paint finishes, remember:

  • Room's Purpose: Matte might work wonders in a bedroom, but for moisture-laden areas like bathrooms, the durability of gloss might be more appropriate.
  • Wall Condition: High gloss finishes, while glamorous, might not be the best choice for imperfect walls. Matte and satin, with their light-absorbing properties, can be more forgiving.
  • Personal Taste: At the end of the day, your style reigns supreme. Your preference for a glossy kitchen or a matte study is paramount.
  • Lighting: Light accentuates sheen. A room flooded with sunlight might overwhelm a gloss finish, while a dimly lit space might benefit.

A Few Parting Tips

  • Experiment: Invest in small samples of potential finishes. Apply patches to walls to gauge how they react under varying lighting conditions.
  • Mix it Up: Who says a room should have just one finish? Combining gloss on trims with matte on walls can create an engaging contrast.
  • Seek Expert Advice: When in doubt, lean on the expertise of professionals. A quick chat at your local paint store can offer a fresh perspective.

Bringing it All Together

Choosing the right interior paint finish is as essential as picking the perfect hue. Whether you lean towards the muted grace of matte, the resilient sheen of gloss, or the versatility of satin, always factor in room functionality, wall state, personal tastes, and lighting conditions. Remember, with the right sheen, your room won't just look painted; it'll radiate character and charm.

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